Tarrytown NY – Things To Do In, NY

Jun 20, 2021 Recreation/ Travel

If you are looking for fun things to do in New York City, you should consider visiting Tarrytown, New York. This charming village is about 20 miles east of New York City. There are many things to do in tarrytown ny from horse riding to ice skating to shopping. You will find that the prices are reasonable in this village and the people are extremely friendly.

A Guide to Things to Do in Tarrytown NY

The most popular things to do in, is a short drive east of New York City in upstate New York to the little town of Tarrytown, NY. This small village is considered one of the regional gems among Upstate residents. The Village of Tarrytown has a unique history and today it is one of the best preserved areas in upstate New York. One national trust investment group which has recently purchased this location is now working to turn it into a family amusement park which could be a huge money maker for the small town.

The area surrounding Tarrytown, NY is also designated as a historic preservation district. In recent years, several historic landmarks have been saved from the destruction brought about by the Nationalter Historical Park System. Many of these historical landmarks were damaged during the wrath of Hurricane Sandy when the area was pounded with severe winds and strong rains. Some of these buildings such as the Jacob K. Rowling House, Jacobstein Family Home and John Hancock Building have been restored and the national trust is helping to bring these buildings back to their original appearance.

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