The Difference Between a Memory Foam Pillow and a Featherless Pillow

Dec 24, 2020 Uncategorized

The first sleeping pillow was designed over a century ago to help people sleep. At that time, it was an unconventional way of sleeping – the person had to sleep on a lump of wood or some other makeshift support. Today, this same type of pillow is still used by millions of people but instead of it being worn on the person’s body, it is now used to prop the head up while sleeping. It is also used to prevent pressure sores from occurring in the neck by supporting the skull. Check this out!

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The Difference Between a Memory Foam Pillow and a Featherless Pillow

However, sleeping on pillows has its drawbacks. One reviewer notes that she wakes up with her face pressed against the pillow during the night, which can be a pain if you are someone who suffers from back pain. Another writes that she usually tosses and turns during the night because of the pressure of the pillows against her head. Pillows also tend to get dirty with food and skin cells, which is a big problem for someone who doesn’t have access to storage space to clean their pillows on a regular basis. In addition, all of these problems can be avoided if you purchase a good memory foam pillow, which is designed to contour around your entire body and not just your neck.

Some pillows have also been designed with extra features that are meant to promote healing. For instance, some sleepers have reported that switching to a feather-filled pillow causes a reduction in the level of itching they experience in their scalp. There are even hypoallergenic versions of the feather-filled pillow, although there are several manufacturers that make them specifically for those with allergies. Finally, one review notes that hypoallergenic goose down comforters are sold with many of these pillows and that hypoallergenic goose down may even help improve symptoms of allergies. If you are someone who suffers from allergies, then these features could be an important benefit for you.

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